The Ebell/Flint Scholarship

Awards of Ebell scholarships are based upon scholarship, character, and financial need.  The Scholarship Committee's judgment as to the eligibilty for a scholarship will be based not only upon college scholastic transcripts in the usual form, but also on an autobiographical essay and written recommendations on behalf of the candidate from persons whom he/she has been associated either before or during his/her attendance at college and an interview.

All Ebell Scholars have excellent academic records and are in financial need.  The commitment they have to their communities is the way they demonstrate their good character.  The definition of community is different for each student.  It may be their school community, it may be their city, or it could be their family, which may require extraordinary support of one kind or another from the student.  Because they consider the scholarships their gift to the community, they choose scholarship recipients who share their feeling of responsibility for the communities in which we all live.

Annual Amount

Currently, the scholarship award for 2-year schools, such as community colleges, is $3,000 per year; the award for 4-year colleges and universities is $5,000 per year, each issued in two disbursements.

Additional Selection Criteria

For an applicant to be considered for an Ebell scholarship they must meet the following requirements:

  •  United States citizenship. If a naturalized citizen, please send a copy of the official documentation
  • Permanent Resident of Los Angeles County
  • Full-time undergraduate attendance at an accredited Los Angeles County college or university
  • Expected sophomore status or higher in that educational institution in Fall 2018 (only undergraduates qualify)
  • Achievement of at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA
  • Demonstrated involvement in community service
  • Availability for an in-person interview with Ebell Scholarship Committee on our Ebell campus

Application Process

Application Deadline: Monday, April 2, 2019
Note: ALL application materials must be submitted in one envelope.

1) The Ebell of Los Angeles Scholarship Application Form

2) A one-page Personal statement describing who you are, your goals, any community service, financial need, etc.

3) Official Transcripts from all higher educational institutions attended by the applicant. If selected, an end-of-year transcript will be required.

4) Ebell Scholarship Applicant Financial Aid Profile

5) Three signed letters of recommendation (faculty member, professional or work associate, personal reference, e.g. teacher, counselor, religious leader.) Letters from family members and peers will not be considered.

Scholarship recipients must continue to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 and each academic year must successfully complete a minimum of 24 units (semester system) or 36 units (quarter system). This requirement will be verified by an official transcript to be sent to us by the student before the first (September) scholarship check is disbursed. Scholarship awards are made for a maximum of 3 years or until attainment of a Bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.


April 2, 2019

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