Stop the Bleed Scholarship Program

Annual Amount

First Place $3,000, 30 Stop the Bleed Kits to the student's high school

Second Place $1,500, 15 Stop the Bleed Kits to the student's high school

Third Place $500, 5 Stop the Bleed Kits to the student's high school

Additional Selection Criteria

Are you a high school student? You can help yourself and help your school by a) making a 1 to 2 minute video or b) writing an essay from 250 to 500 words addressing one of the topic areas below.

Topic #3: Make the case: Do you think some or all students should be required to learn to Stop the Bleed?

This year’s program consists of National Scholarships and Frontline Family Scholarships. Please note that these scholarships have separate applications. Eligible students can apply for both scholarships. Students are limited to one scholarship award.

Eligibility is limited to high school age students in the US and its territories.

In order to be eligible for the National Scholarships, you must be a student attending high school in the United States and its territories.  Home schooled students would otherwise be attending high school are also eligible.  In order to be eligible for the Frontline Family Scholarships, you must have a parent or guardian who has worked on the frontline during the pandemic (February 2020 to March 2021).

There are two sets of National Scholarships:

  • One set of scholarships is based on a video submission
  • A second set of scholarships is based on an essay submission

STOP THE BLEED® Front Line Families Scholarships

Sponsored by Z-Medica, Stop the Bleed Coalition, and Amp Your Good

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all better appreciation of the important role that so many play in making our country work – all of those who perform their work on the Front Line – making sure we have food, teaching our children, taking care of us in hospitals and caring for the elderly. These Front Line workers join the people we usually think about – our police, our firefighters, EMTs and those serving in the military.

The Front Line Families Scholarships are being offered to high school students who have a parent or guardian who has been on the Front Line this past year.

To apply, write an essay or make a short video telling us your family’s story – what your parent(s) or guardian(s) have been doing on their frontline and what you learned from that.

Application Process


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May 8, 2021

For the application or more information go to: