Sleep Junkie's Student Sleep Health Awareness Award

Due to their work in this field, Sleep Junkie's understands a high number of college students do not get adequate sleep. We also understand the implications of this on the quality of their school work and their ability to thrive in their academic career.

Research published by a number of universities shows young people need more sleep than average and may be better served with classes that start later in the day. The National Sleep Foundation outlines that the consequences of not having a good quality night’s sleep can limit the person’s ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems; essential requirements for completing their studies successfully.

With the pressure on students to attend early morning classes, and, with many students taking on extra jobs due to heavy learning expenses, it is difficult for students to strike the right balance between their active life and their sleep schedule. While we cannot control class starting times or a need for young people to work alongside their studies, we can endeavor to manage the parameters set and make some additional changes to our sleep routines. Understanding the behaviors which promote better sleep is the first step in getting a good night’s rest.

Because of this, applicants for the scholarship are asked to explore sleep health in a well-researched and contemplative essay. Hopefully, through this work, students will attain a new awareness of sleep health and its implications on their everyday life.

Annual Amount


Additional Selection Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

  • All applicants must be enrolled, or due to be enrolled, as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited US college or university for the semester that they are applying to receive the scholarship.
  • Applicants are required to have a minimum of a 2.4 GPA.
  • Domestic, international, and undocumented students may apply.
  • Students attending online universities are welcome to apply.


  • Please write a 1,000-word minimum essay answering the following questions:
    • What is your experience with your own sleep health?
    • What are the consequences of poor sleep health?
    • In conclusion, what have you learned from your research and curation of this essay?
  • Please ensure reputable studies and articles for your essay. They should be sources such as government sites, recent scientific studies or well-researched articles. Please ensure to cite your sources

Application Process

Required Application Details

  • Please submit proof of enrollment or an acceptance letter in an accredited learning institution. We will accept a recent transcript, acceptance letter, or tuition bill. Please note: if you are in the process of applying for colleges and universities, please indicate your current school and submit a document with the schools you have currently applied to. If you are selected for the scholarship, we will ask you to provide proof of enrollment for your college or university at that time.
  • Please submit Sleep Junkie’s Student Sleep Health Awareness Award form linked in the next section.

How to Apply

Please complete the form with the following information to apply: Sleep Junkie’s Student Sleep Health Awareness Award

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • College or University Name
  • College or University Mailing Address
  • Proof of Enrollment – Transcripts, tuition receipt, or acceptance letter will be accepted. Please submit as .jpeg, .pdf, or .doc
  • An essay answering the above questions. Please submit as .pdf or .doc
  • Confirmation and acceptance of terms and conditions


August 1, 2019


August 15, 2019

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