Scholastic Art and Writing Awards


Receive direct scholarships or tuition assistance by participating in the Awards!

Direct Scholarships

National Medalists are eligible for scholarships of up to $10,000.

Portfolio Scholarships  
High school seniors submitting a portfolio of six works are eligible for scholarships of up to $10,000. Learn how to apply here. 

New York Life Award 
Works about personal grief, loss, and bereavement are eligible for up to $1,000 scholarshipsLearn how to apply here.

Civic Expression Award 
Works about social and political issues, and the collective action taken to address them, are eligible for $1,000 scholarshipsLearn how to apply here.

The Herblock Award for Editorial Cartoon 
Art works offering commentary or criticism on current events, social issues, or political topics are eligible for $1,000 scholarshipsLearn how to apply here.

Ray Bradbury Award for Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Written works using supernatural, magical, futuristic, scientific, and technological themes as a key element of the narrative are eligible for $1,000 scholarshipsLearn how to apply here.

One Earth Award 
Works about human-caused climate change are eligible for $1,000 scholarshipsLearn how to apply here.

Best-in-Grade Award 
Works selected as juror favorites from each grade will receive $500 scholarshipsLearn more about the award here.

Tuition Scholarships

Students recognized at the regional or national level can receive tuition assistance for summer programs or higher education.

Scholarships for Summer Programs 
The Scholastic Awards Summer (SAS) Scholarship Program provides students full-tuition scholarships to attend summer art or writing programs. Learn how to apply here. 

The Alliance/ACT-SO Journey Award 
Scholars of the NAACP’s Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) can receive full-tuition scholarships to attend summer art or writing programs by applying to the Scholastic Awards. Learn how to apply here. 

Scholarships from Colleges and Universities 
The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers partners with colleges and universities that earmark scholarships for Scholastic Awards recipients as part of their financial aid packagesSee a list of our scholarship partners here.

Annual Amount


Additional Selection Criteria


To participate in the Awards, you must be a student in grades 7–12, age 13 years or older, and residing in the United States, U.S. territories or military bases, or Canada.

Application Process

How do I enter work in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards?

Get started early!

Submissions are only open from September through December or January (deadlines vary by region), but it is never too early to get started! Students, save the work you’re creating over the spring and summer (even if you’re creating from home) and check out our scholarship opportunities for more inspiration as you get started. Educators, check out our educator resources to help your students prepare for the upcoming Awards season.

For more on getting started, check out our summer tips and tricks!

Sign up!

Submissions open for the 2021 Scholastic Awards on September 1, 2020. On this date, students can create an account to upload their work. If you are an educator, create your account on September 1, 2020, to register your students. Submission deadlines vary by region, but fall in December and January. Check here on September 1 to find your region’s deadline.


The Scholastic Awards look for work that demonstrates originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. After you have created your work, upload it to your Scholastic Awards Account! Visit our online galleries and publications to see examples of works from past National Medalists. Be sure to visit our copyright and plagiarism FAQ to learn more about submitting original works.

Complete your submission!

After uploading your work, print your submission form, have a parent or guardian sign it, and then send your signed submission form and payment or fee waiver to your regional program. Submission form and payment instructions can be found on the submission form or on your regional program’s website.

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