Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship

The Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship is open to all current high school seniors, and college freshman, sophomores and juniors (ages 27 and younger) who demonstrate an active commitment to end HIV/AIDS and taking on roles of public service and leadership. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Serving in peer-education and prevention programs
  • Working in the reproductive and sexual health fields
  • Pursuing a medical degree to work with HIV-positive individuals
  • International service providing AIDS-related care and/or HIV-prevention education
  • Research in established and emerging technologies designed to mitigate the epidemic
  • Activism and social change efforts that address issues contributing to the epidemic, like education and drug sentencing reform, employment and economic justice issues, housing and homelessness.

All applicants must describe their current leadership efforts/experience, its significance to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and how their future career plans or public service will be an extension of their current efforts.

Annual Amount


Additional Selection Criteria


Applications are submitted online and must include the following:

1. A complete Application;

2. A written Essay, not to exceed 1,500 words, in which you:

  • Reflect on the ways in which your life has been impacted by HIV/AIDS;
  • Explore and describe the ways in which you are providing public service or leadership that makes a difference in the lives of people with HIV/AIDS, or people at risk; and
  • Detail how the scholarship will help you in your career path and how that career will allow you to continue to your work to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS in a way that makes a difference.

3. At least one written Letter of Recommendation from a teacher, program coordinator, supervisor/ally/community leader or other adult who is directly involved in your HIV/AIDS-related service, leadership, or field of study; and

4. A Transcript from current high school or college that demonstrates a minimum 2.5 GPA overall, or in the immediate past two semesters or three trimesters.

Application Process

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June 29, 2020

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