Montana Silversmiths Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship

Montana Silversmiths "Pursuit of Excellence" teams up with Montana Silversmiths Preferred Trophy Dealers to award scholarships to college students as a direct result of the Everybody Wins Trophy Program. The "Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship" is an investment in candidates who have a history of self-improvement and a desire to better themselves and their communities in which they live.

This scholarship is unique, in the fact that the recipients are not being rewarded for having the best grades or possessing the most athletic ability, but celebrates the student with a desire to become the best that they can be; individuals that are in the "Pursuit of Excellence."

Annual Amount

Quantity and amount of scholarship will vary by funds received annually.

Additional Selection Criteria

Who is eligible?

The Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship will be available for high school seniors or current college students who are enrolled in an accredited 2 or 4-year college.

Application Process

Essay Submission

  • Write a 500 word essay on the following topics:

    Please tell us about your community service experience.

    • What is something you’ve done in the past that made a difference in your community?
    • What does “Pursuit of Excellence” mean to you? What actions are you taking to accomplish your goals?
    • Please give an example of how you have improved yourself over a period of time.
    • What are your career aims and goals, what do you see yourself doing in five years and WHY?

    Your essay should have a serious tone and be written at a college level. The correct usage of grammar and punctuation is a must. Any article submitted must be your own work. You may cite sources, but do not put any quotes longer than two sentences. We are looking for your own thoughts, ideas, and experiences.


Submission Deadline - August 15
Announcement of Winner -  September 15


August 15, 2018


September 15

For the application or more information go to: