Logomaker Scholarship Program

Good design is everywhere. It affects how we work and how we live. Good visual design can instill us with trust in a particular company, persuade us to make a purchase, or simply bring more joy to our lives.

For ten years, Logomaker has recognized the role of good visual design by providing small businesses with the resources to create their own logo designs. We are committed to helping businesses improve their brand image through the power of design.

After ten years of helping businesses succeed, Logomaker wants to do the same for students. That’s why we are proud to announce our scholarship program for U.S. students enrolled in undergraduate studies. With this new scholarship, Logomaker hopes to encourage students to think about the importance of art and design in commerce today. We hope to raise awareness of the role of art and design in more places than just galleries.

Annual Amount


Additional Selection Criteria

Who Can Apply

This scholarship is open to all undergraduate students in the United States regardless of major. However, preference will be given to students studying fine arts, commercial arts, or graphic design. You do not need to be seeking a degree in these fields to apply.

Application Process

How to Apply

1. Provide a cover letter (may be body of the email) explaining why you are applying for the scholarship, the name of the college or university you are attending, and a short bio (no more than a page).

2. Write an original essay of 500-700 words (roughly two pages) on the impact of art and design in commerce. Get creative. We’re looking for original thinking. Including sample artwork (even your own design work) is encouraged, but not required.

For example: You might choose to write about how a logo effectively represents a company to the world; or how the use of design in marketing can persuade someone to act or not act in some way.

3. Submit all of the above via email to scholar@logomaker.com



July 31, 2021

For the application or more information go to: