Incight Scholarship

 Since 2004, INCIGHT has awarded more than 940 scholarships to students with disabilities pursuing higher education. These scholars are enrolled in Community College, University, Vocational School and Graduate Programs. Students who demonstrate outstanding service to their community and overcome personal obstacles are awarded scholarships from INCIGHT. These scholars spread the message of INCIGHT far and wide.  After graduation and throughout their life INCIGHT scholars volunteer, support and participate in INCIGHT.

Annual Amount

The exact number of awards and the total amount of money to be awarded in 2023 will be determined during the selection process, at the sole discretion of INCIGHT .

Additional Selection Criteria


  1. NEW REQUIREMENT: You must be a current Washington, Oregon or California resident.
  2. You must have a disability. This can be any type of disability as it is defined by the ADA, DSM-V, IDEA, or other governing body. This classification includes, but is not limited to: Autism, Deaf-blindness, Deafness, Development delay, Emotional disturbance, Hearing impairment, Intellectual disability, Multiple disabilities, Orthopedic impairment, Other health impairment, Specific learning disability, Speech or language impairment, Traumatic brain injury, Visual impairment, including blindness
  3. You must be attending higher education during the funding cycle following your application (2022-2023 School Year.) This includes college, university, community college, or vocational school. You may be pursuing any type of degree within these institutions (Associates Degree, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, etc.)
  4. You must be enrolled and provide enrollment verification to INCIGHT.

Application Process


Application Procedure:
There are two essential parts of this application, and all must be received in order for The INCIGHT Scholarship Review Committee to consider an application. The deadline for completed applications is April 15, 2022. If you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements your application will not be considered and you will not receive a response.

  1. The completed Application Form that contains basic information about the applicant.
  2. Completed essay responses. We are welcoming your video essay response again this year. Please keep your video between 1 and 3 minutes in length and share a link as your response.

Failure to complete ANY portion of the application will DISQUALIFY your eligibility to receive a scholarship award.


April 15, 2023

For the application or more information go to: