House Scholarship Foundation Scholarship

House Scholarship Foundation recognizes and honors talented high school students across the United States and its territories by providing financial assistance through need-based and merit-based scholarships.

We hope to bolster the chances of prospective college students pursuing their aspirations by alleviating the pressure of financial burdens. Applicants are honored and rewarded through a combination of factors, which include extracurricular activities, academic records, essays, and current financial situations.

Annual Amount

1ST PLACE-$2,000

2ND PLACE-$750

3RD PLACE-$250

Additional Selection Criteria


- You are a US citizen (or a permanent resident of the US).
- You are a current high school student (9-12th grade).
- You have a high school transcript available.

Application Process


Before you begin the application, we recommend you copy the questions over to a word document and answer there. Once you are done with answering, copy your answers over to the boxes here and submit. We will not save your answers unless you hit submit. For the short answer questions, we highly recommend you stay around the word count.

For online application, go to:



February 1, 2023

For the application or more information go to: