Girls Impact the World Film Festival Call for Entries

The Girls Impact the World Film Festival, presented by the Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative (SIC) and Connecther, is a film festival and scholarship program in which high school and undergraduate college students submit 3-6 minute short films that focus on a variety of global women's issues, including maternal health, microfinance initiatives, child-marriage, sex-trafficking, poverty alleviation, etc.

Annual Amount

Judges' Choice Grand Prize: $5000

Judges' Choice 1st Runner Up: $2500

Judges' Choice 2nd Runner Up: $1000

Gems' Choice Grand Prize: $1000

People's Choice Winner: $2500 (based on the total number of fb likes + tweets - winner will be chosen from top 10 most popular) *

Most Innovative Film or Solution prize: $1000

Ian Somerhalder Foundation Green IS Prize - $2500

HONEST BEAUTY Prize - $2500

Global Impact Prize: $2,500

Stand Up Men Prize: $2,500

Girls in STEM Prize: $2,000

Let Girls Learn Prize: $1,000

Open To

High school and undergraduate college students

Additional Selection Criteria

Videos must EITHER:
(1) Raise awareness about critical issues affecting women and girls around the world OR
(2) Propose solutions to critical challenges faced by women

  • Economic independence for women and girls
  • Education for girls and women
  • Ending child marriage
  • Ending FGM
  • Gender pay gap - equal pay
  • Global health for women and girls
  • Honest Beauty
  • Maternal mortality
  • Poverty affecting women and girls
  • Refugee Stories of women and girls
  • Sex trafficking and slavery of women and girls
  • Stand Up Men
  • Teen & child marriage
  • Violence against women
  • Women and girls in media
  • Women and girls in STEM
  • Women in business (leadership)
  • Women and the environment (including water issues)

Applicant(s) must be 25 or under on December 31, 2018 (special circumstances may be considered)
(1) Currently enrolled undergraduates (global) OR
(2) Full-time high school students
(3) The GITW Film Fest Competition is not open to any resident of the following countries: U.S. export regulations prohibit the export of goods and services to Cuba, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Therefore residents of these countries/regions are not eligible to participate.
(4) Sponsor prizes including Green IS, Honest Beauty & Innovation Prize are chosen by sponsors and may include films directed and produced by graduate students.
(5) Each individual applicant may be involved in the making of up to two films. You may not enter more than two films.

To enter you will need to:
(1) Follow all Film Requirements (see below)
(2) Enter your video on the GITW entry submission page.
(3) Share, share and share your video from the GITW gallery. The more you share, the more likely you will win the People's Choice Award!
(4) Upon becoming a finalist, before being eligible for prizes, you must provide proof of enrollment at your school/university.
(5) That's it, wasn't that easy!

Application Process

  • Your film should be between 3 and 6 minutes long. (see FAQ for exact length requirements)
  • Your film must contain the provide End Marker still image.
  • Your film can be a (1) narrative, (2) documentary, (3) investigative reporting, (4) music video, (5) animation, or (6) curated film (film collage). Please see the FAQ for more details about film genres and film content.
  • Your film must be created after January 1, 2018.
  • Your film must be your own original work and not infringe any copyright or ownership agreements.
  • You must not premiere your film before entering it on the Girls Impact the World website.
  • You may only be involved with two submitted entries per year.
  • Once you have submitted your video, please share and publicize it through the Girls Impact the World Gallery page. This is intended to help you further the number of facebook likes, tweets and views for the People's Choice Grand Prize.
  • At the end of your film please add a slide that shows at least 2 or more organizations that are working on solutions to the issue area that you address in your short film. You can highlight Connecther projects and/or other organizations. (optional but recommended)

For more information and all the Film and Entry Requirements please visit the website below.



January 20, 2019


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