Don and Roy Splawn Charitable Foundation West Scholarship

The Don and Roy Splawn Charitable Foundation West Scholarship Grant Program is open to financially disadvantaged students who wish to further their pursuit of post secondary education; whether it be of an academic or vocational nature. Our goal is to minimally assist and provide a spark of meritorial acknowledgement in the form of monetary funds upon high school graduation and shepherd these students through their college education, assuming they continue to meet our criteria upon annual review. Scholastic achievement is paramount, but life experiences of extreme hardship are our key motivators in our initial selection. The Foundation gives the opportunity to re-apply on a yearly basis through additional applications until their date of graduation. These updated applications either affirm or deny the lessons learned from life. Unlike other programs, our financial assistance can be used for most education related expenses.

We seek those candidates that exhibit true integrity, complete respect of and dignity for the human element. They must be willing to persevere, toil and give back to their community during and especially after graduation. The profoundness of our judgments are reflected in the future.

The receipt of a Scholarship Grant offers such student the opportunity to improve his or her own future and that of the student's family and community. The Don and Roy Splawn Charitable Foundation - West offers scholarships beginning from $250 and giving upwards to $2000 to eligible students who demonstrate significant dedication to their school, family and community. Students who live independently or whose parent(s)/guardian(s) struggle financially are encouraged to apply for consideration.

Annual Amount

$250 to $2,000

Additional Selection Criteria

Open to all California graduating high school seniors.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying to the scholarship, please contact the Foundation Administrator below for more information and details on how to submit an application.


To apply, please fill out the Application completely. Please note you will be required to save and upload attachments to your Application. If you have any difficulties with this process, please email your questions to

During the Spring of each year, our scholarship is specifically open to all California graduating high school seniors. During the Fall of each year, our scholarship is specifically reserved for previous Splawn Scholarship recipients. Please inquire with the Foundation Administrators before applying. The Spring application is generally due on or around April 15th, and the Fall Renewal Application is generally due on or around September 30th. Thank you!

Only the student applicant may complete this form. NO PARENTAL ASSISTANCE.

The deadline for the Spring 2021 Renewal Application is Sunday, April 11, 2021, at 11:59pm PST

To start, go to:

Don and Ray Splawn Charitable Foundation West, Inc.

c/o Natalie Yee

PO Box 5100

Pleasanton, CA 94566


April 11, 2021