Catdi Printing Scholarship

Welcome students and thanks for taking a look at our latest scholarship opportunity.

At Catdi Printing, we place great value on higher education and wanted to help students with the finances needed for their higher ed studies. Catdi Printing is a Houston, Texas USA based commercial printer, web design and direct mail provider that strives to give back. With this in mind, Catdi Printing is proud to offer our first general scholarship, “Catdi Printing Scholarship” in the amount of $500. Unlike our previous scholarship offering we are offering it to two students.

Annual Amount

2 $500

Additional Selection Criteria

Who Exactly Eligible for the Scholarship?

Both Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students can apply for the scholarship program, provided they are enrolled in a full-time degree program in an accredited college or graduate school.

  • US and international students (2 students to be awarded $500 each)
  • Any approved college major program
  • Aged between 18-45
  • Completed high school diploma or GED
  • Accepted admission to a US based institution of higher learning.

Application Process

How to Apply for the Scholarship?

Submit your essay (as outlined below) to Keep in mind, once submitted, the essay cannot be altered or returned, so proofread carefully before hitting Submit!

Following are the steps to apply for the Catdi Printing Scholarship:

Write an essay of 1,750 words describing how you believe quality writing skills will contribute to your future in graphic design. We ask that you include personal anecdotes to emphasize your points. Too many times, writing doesn’t really communicate what the writer intended. Take the time to review your work carefully before submitting the application.

  • You must submit your essay on or before May 31, 2022
  • All applications should be sent to in a Word format only. PDFs or Link to Google Docs will not be accepted.
  • You should mention your full name, your university/college name, your phone number, and email address in the scholarship application.
  • The essay should be unique and creative, however, it must be YOUR work, as plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • You should not provide any other information other than that mentioned above.
  • The winners will be announced on June 15th, 2022, and the winner will be notified by email. Should the winner not respond in 14 days, a new winner will be selected.


May 31, 2022


June 15, 2022

For the application or more information go to: