Cancer for College Scholarships

Cancer for College was founded in 1993 by two-time cancer survivor and double amputee Craig Pollard.  Since inception, the charity has awarded over 1,600 need-based scholarships totaling more than $6 million in awards to high-achieving cancer survivors.  

Annual Amount


Additional Selection Criteria

General Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • You must personally have been diagnosed with cancer.
  • You are either attending or planning to attend an accredited college or university, located in the US.
  • You are enrolled/planning to enroll in a degree-earning program, or certificate-earning program from an accredited university, trade school or similar program.
  • You will attend school as a full time student as an undergraduate student or at least part time as a graduate student.
  • Adjusted gross income for the applicant (or their parent/guardian, if they are dependent) for the most recent tax year must be no more than $150,000.

Application Process

For online application, go to:

To apply for this scholarship, you'll need to prepare the following documents:

  1.  The first two pages of the *appropriate 2021 tax return

      You need either:

  • Your parents' 2021 tax return (jointly or individually based on filing status) if you are claimed as a dependent, or
  • Your personal 2021 tax return if you are independent
  • If you or your parents did not file a tax return, you must upload proof of any income such as SSI, W-2, Snap Benefits, or other written documentation.

      2.  Last two years of academic transcripts

      High school, college, or a combination depending on your year in school.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

      3.  Confirmation of diagnosis letter

      Must be completed on medical letterhead by your oncologist, primary care physician, or nurse.

      4.  Optional recommendation letter from someone OUTSIDE of your family

      This can be requested via email through the application, or personally uploaded if you already have a copy.


This application also requires a written personal statement (maximum of 1000 words) and video essay upload.

Some specialty scholarships require additional essays and/or uploads.


January 31, 2023

For the application or more information go to: