Alexx Florex Opportunity Scholarship

The Alexx Flores Opportunity Scholarship is a tribute to Alexx's love of learning and optimistic curiosity.  While Alexx did not attend university, he was dedicated to advancing himself personally and in his career.  Alexx overcame substantial challenges in his life, and this scholarship is meant to aid those who have done the same.  They don't care much about GPA or standardized test scores.  What they are looking for is someone who demonstrates the following values:  grit, determination, perseverance, honesty and humility.

Annual Amount


Additional Selection Criteria

The scholarship is available to any incoming college student from Los Angeles or Orange County, regardless of degree path, who meets the following criteria:

  1. Graduating from a Los Angeles or Orange County high school or transferring from a Los Angeles County or Orange County community college;
  2. Anticipated enrollment at a four-year university for the Fall 2023 semester, regardless of location*; and
  3. Demonstrates outstanding moral character, grit and perseverance.

*Proof of enrollment to a four-year university for the Fall 2023 academic year will be required if selected as a finalist.

Application Process

To apply, go to:


  1. Answer all questions completely and truthfully
  2. Both essay questions are required and each has a 300 word limit
  3. A recommender is not required, but applicants are encouraged to apply with a recommender, if possible
  4. If you would like to apply with a recommender, simply follow the steps in the application.  If your application is selected as a finalist, AFF will reach out to your recommender separately using the information provided.
  5. Your recommender can be anyone that you feel can speak best to your demonstration of the values listed above except for an immediate family member (i.e., mother, father, brother, etc.)

Please be sure to review Terms & Conditions before applying:

For more information, visit FAQ section: or contact at


April 3, 2023

For the application or more information go to: