Success Stories

Nathan Barron

Elaine Pasternack & Dr. Jerome Tepperman Scholarship from the FIDM Scholarship Foundation Inc.
Merchandise Marketing

I'm returning to school after working 9 years in retail.  As a store manager, I realized I had an eye for trends and buying strategies. I decided if I was going to go back to school, I should go to a school that focused on the retail industry. After careful research, I felt FIDM provided the best real-world curriculum that companies were looking for. I was convinced that upon graduating from FIDM, I would be well prepared to step into a buying or planning role with any company.

As an older student, I don't have a lot of the financial opportunities I did when I was younger. In other words, I'm on my own. Receiving the scholarships were essential to me completing my degree at FIDM. Because of the awards, I was able to relax and not stress about paying for school.  But it took hard work to qualify for the awards. I think receiving the scholarships also played an integral role in me being accepted for an exclusive internship with Cost Plus World Market - having the scholarships on my resume is impressive to potential employers."


Kaitlyn Zonfrelli

FIDM Scholarship Foundation Inc. 2nd year scholarship
Visual Communications

My previous manager, an alumna of FIDM, was talking with me about my personal goals, and when I said I wanted to eventually continue my education in fashion/interiors/art, she suggested FIDM. She spoke highly of the college, which completely inspired me. I requested information, met with an advisor, applied, and made it happen. I know that I have more to offer than just your typical 9-5 job picking up clothes and ringing in transactions. I’ve always envisioned myself with a career doing something creative, inspiring, maybe even game changing. FIDM left me with the impression that it could help lead me to that point, and it most certainly has and more. I’ve learned so much about myself as a student, artist, and person through my first year alone… and I’m looking forward to seeing what my second year brings.

Receiving this scholarship eased a whole lot of financial tension, allowing me to focus solely on my tasks at hand. I’m hoping to make the most of Los Angeles while I’m there and utilize my education in ways that goes above and beyond my original goals. I want to make myself, my family, and especially my father very proud. He was so proud of me for all of my hard work to make it this far, and I don’t want to let him down. Thank you FIDM Scholarship Foundation, because I couldn’t do it alone."